Michael Rider celebrates their new single, “Libra Season Boy,” which is set to release on October 20th. The song acts as the lead single from their new album expected to release in early 2022. The slow burning, torch song is inspired by the age old tale of two friends being in love while not being able to confront their feelings to one another. Michael remarks that the song is about “will power” and “manifestation” as we have free will to act or not act on our feelings. “In a society where people aren’t rewarded for following their emotions, I hope this song is a reminder to embrace those feelings and let them be a compass for your life.” 

Informed by four years working with a myriad of producers on their last full length album, “Temptation” (2020), Rider opted to record with an intimate team: Brooklyn, pop artist, M The Myth, Voyager Sound Studio’s Nathan Feler and bassist/multi-instrumentalist, Richard L. Entrup. The recording of the new album was “intuitive, seamless, and the most fun” of any recording process resulting in a record that “made itself” in a span of six months. Virtually constructed over Zoom, the album marks as the first where Michael produced and recorded a large portion from their home studio in the upper east side. 

Michael is a pop singer/songwriter originally from Richmond, Virginia who migrated to New York city on an art scholarship to the School of Visual Arts. Initially releasing their debut album, “Lighthouse” in 2011, Rider finally felt kinship to other musicians when they played in the lower east side’s SideWalk Cafe, revered by the likes of Regina Spektor and The Moldy Peaches. Rider has used their education of “high brow” art combined with SideWalk’s anti-folk ethos to create a blend of genre-bending, introspective, pop music from the lens of a non-binary experience that is both danceable and dreamy.

for all inquires, please contact michaelwesleyrider@gmail.com